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My Inspiration

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Meet the Mama Bear...


I am a mama of 4, My Chaos Crew is what I call them. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. My two oldest are 8 moths apart, they are the same age for 5 months. My 2 littles are the same way except the gap for time at same age is under 2 months. Which feels like having two sets of twins. If you think my hands are full you should see my Heart. Our house is full of crazy chaos but even more love. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Medicine Hat is my hometown, I was born and raised here. Now I get to share my love and raise our baby cubs here. I look forward to being able to create and share my bath bombs and other bath products with everyone!

How it all Started...

Making bath bombs started with my second oldest and a DIY bath bomb kit she got for a present. I decided from there that I wanted to start making them myself for my kids so that I knew what was going into them and could make it more natural. It flew from there and became my new found passion that i share with you today. With that simple little DIY kit and the love & support of my wonderful husband and baby cubs, Mama  Bear Bath Bomb was created.

The Future ...


My vision and future goal is to be able to create a shop. I want to create self love for people who buy my products, Because well we are all worth it. I am always happily wanting feedback and advice to grow. I am looking forward to growing and learning to create new products to share with you!

Thank you for all your Love & Support!

-Elora Beddome-

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